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Sherene Lahoud

When one individual has the ability to change your world that’s when the magic happens. Col. Coach John Hamlett is not only a Coach but a pillar of power, determination, courage, resilience and the true definition of someone who only wants the very best for his athletes.

In August 2018 I started John’s New Lifestyle Journey and was so lucky to have been welcomed with open arms and to be coached by him (low key dream coming true!). There I was, 26 years old, not believing that I was speaking, in person, to the Coach of dreams! And dreams really do come true with Coach by your side. In September 2018 I completed my first training camp and I saw the light on those Dullstroom hills but it was totally worth it. This prepared me for what the rest of the year and new year was going to bring for me.

John has changed my life for the better. I am stronger, more determined and have a fire in my soul to want to achieve my very best. I always share with John that I have so much to still learn and so far, to still go and I know that I really am still a ‘spring chicken’. However, this is the most exciting part ; to know that you are a part of a bigger picture, to know that you can reach your goals.

My greatest highlight is how I have been able to get stronger, leaner, athletically faster and tougher in the short space of time I have been with John. Under the guidance of John in just over 3.5 months I raced a half marathon crushing my PB and placed top 10 in my age and gender category. If that was not putting me on a runner’s high, the new year started with a bang where I broke my 10Km and 15KM PB. I managed to take off a full 40 minutes from my Two Oceans Ultra Marathon time in 2018 making my PB this year and improving on my half and full marathon times. However, I am not done yet and I am determined to keep on working hard to progress even more.

Six months into the Journey I arrived in Dullstroom for another training camp – a completely different individual now. It was at this Camp that I realized what and where I want to be and what my next set of goals were for the future. John has always been a man of realism which I respect and admire. Every time I have shared my goal with John he has helped me to realistically understand how it can be achieved – this is a skill and technique not many are able to accomplish, and Coach has never been wrong. During the 11 months I have now been with John I have encountered injuries and upsetting moments, but John has not once forgotten about me and always helped me to maintain the motivation through it all. Apart from the training John has introduced me to the best products I have used to date. Training on Protein and having the right nutritional plan on race day has only enabled me to be a better , stronger and more focused runner. My energy levels are well maintained through my working day and I feel full of energy when its time to train and get in my training sessions.

A special mention must go to Pat Hamlett who so graciously puts up with my million and one questions but also exudes kindness which I so appreciate. Being part of John’s Coaching family has helped me to understand and learn humility and what it really takes to be better – pushing your mind, body and limits and realizing that goals can be achieved.

My favorite one liner that John has shared with me is; ‘Monkey see; monkey do’ and that is exactly what I have been doing these past 11 months and let me tell you, you ‘win’ every time you do as you are told 😊

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me the ability to dream big. I admire you and all that you have achieved. You are an icon in the athletics world- I am so blessed to be under your guidance.

Not only am I happier but I am stronger mentally and emotionally to tackle life.

I am so excited for what is still to come and can’t wait to keep on learning, pushing my limits and crushing goals with you by my side ALL THE WAY! – Sherene Lahoud

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