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Neil Massey

I started John’s New Lifestyle journey in December 2017. In just 9 months it completely changed my life forever. I went from as soft as butter to as tough as nails. Not only was I running faster, but I was also achieving a lot more at work as I had high energy levels, combined with a new drive inside me for success. John Hamlett had completely transformed my life and I was enjoying every minute of this New Lifestyle.

In September 2018 John invited me to his team and he started coaching me. Another 9 months later, I arrived at the Dullstroom Training Camp a completely different athlete. In just 18 months John had helped me reach ‘next level’. The crazy part is that I am only getting started! I still have a long way to go, but that is all part of the plan. Under Coach Hamlett nothing is impossible, all you have to do is believe AND LISTEN!

Achievement in 2018

Durban Ultra: March 2018

Time: 04:20

I podiumed in 3rd position.

Ironman 70.3 Durban & Comrades Marathon: June 2018

My goal was to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Champs which was taking place later on in the year. John knew my goals and he knew that the qualifying race was the weekend before the Comrades Marathon. He told me that I could race both events if I got my nutrition spot on, as my body would then be able to recover in time. I stuck to Johns nutrition plan and I reached both my goals by qualifying for World Champs at the Ironman 70.3 Durban in a time of 04:35 (5th position) and running a silver medal at the Comrades Marathon the following weekend in 07:03 after only 6 days of recovery. Johns Nutrition had done the job as many people had told me that I would be walking the last 20km of the Comrades Marathon.

Ironman 5150 Bela Bela- August 2018

I got a podium 2nd place

Time: 02:11

Ironman 70.3 World Champs Port Elizabeth- September 2018

Again I reached my goals and got a PB at the World Champs.

Swim: 0:28 minutes (1.8km) Bike: 2:28 (90km) Run: 01:16 (21.1km) Total Time: 04:18

Kaapsehoop Marathon- November 2018

Shortly after World Champs I ran a 2.41 at Kaapsehoop.

Achievement 2019

Buffs EL Marathon- March 2019

I achieved another goal by doing the Buffs Marathon in East London to qualify for the Comrades Marathon in a time of 02:36.

One of Johns secrets to his success in his athletes is his range of Supplements. He has the purest whey protein (low fat & low carb) on the market, which he builds into his nutrition plan for you. This helps his athletes recovery and build lean muscle mass whilst on his training program. It is only part of the plan as you get most of your nutrition from the food he tells you to eat. John also has a wide range of other supplements that can help you reach your goals. As well as his race nutrition products, which is a really important aspect of John’s coaching.

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