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Helena Joubert

I met Coach John Hamlett at a social training camp in Dullstroom end of last year (2018) and started with his New Lifestyle nutrition and training program December 2018. I knew his training program would be tough, but I was determined to stick to it as I was sure that the results would come.

I was however not so optimistic about the nutrition plan as I was never a big fan of diets, but John’s nutrition plan is in his own words a “lifestyle change” and not a diet! The results were impressive – I had never been overweight or struggling with my weight, however I did lose a few kilo’s but what I couldn’t believe was how my body composition has changed – the fat under my skin, especially around the waist, literally disappeared.

For me, the switch to high protein/low fat was easy, once you know the products on the shelves that fit the requirements, shopping is just as easy as in the past. John’s New Lifestyle is easy to follow, no starvation involved, results guaranteed!

I use the PPC bars during long training runs and the Protein shakes as per the nutrition plan and during long runs. The PPC bars are all a runner could hope for – one small, compact, good tasting energy boost to take you all the way! I ran 6km for training before a marathon and then did the marathon (so 48km in total) on 3 PPC bars only as they had only water and Coke at the waterpoints. I wouldn’t recommend it but the PPC bars was a life saver and it was able to sustain me!

I ran Comrades 2019 on Protein shakes, Pre-performance fuel, PPC bars and rye bread. After following John’s nutrition and training program for only 6 months, my Comrades up-run time improved from 8h40 in 2017 to 7h22 this year, despite being off from training for 4 weeks during March and April because of a foot injury. Thank you, Coach!! Helena Joubert

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