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Gift Kelehe

On 16 June 2001, my brother Andrew Kelehe won Comrades Marathon at the age of 33 ending a string of foreign winners and returning the world's foremost long-distance title to South Africa. That was the day I said that I want to win Comrades just like my brother. It took me 14 years after that day to achieve what I set out to do and at the age of 33 I won Comrades Marathon on 31st of May 2015. Being coached by John Hamlett has changed my life, given me a lot of discipline not only in the physical training but also in my day to day nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital role in your running and you cannot achieve greatness without the proper nutrition. I have grown in my running career by being coached by John Hamlett the last 14 years, achieved 6 Gold medals in Comrades Marathon, 4 Silver and 1 Wally Hayward Special Medal and many other marathons, 1st veteran and breaking the veteran record in Spain running the 100km World Championships on 27 November 2016 finishing 9th overall at 6:43. I was also part of the 1st team prize where South Africa took the overall team prize.

Dreams can be achieved if you put your mind to it, having the right coach with the right nutrition and the right guidance.

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