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Andries & Amanda Vermaak

We started following John Hamlett’s New Lifestyle Nutritional Plan in July 2018. Hand in hand with the eating plan John started coaching Amanda in August 2018. Within a few months our lives have changed substantially. We started to feel stronger on our training runs and we both experienced a change in our bodies by losing weight from losing fat and gaining muscle weight and strength. John’s special protein supplements make all the difference and Amanda improved her up-run time with 49 minutes at Comrades 2019 and finished very strong over the last few kilometres as first Veteran Lady and fourth lady overall of our running club. Andries trains with Amanda and they run every Comrades together, and he ran Comrades 2019 experiencing no cramping towards the end as he would normally have experienced. We firmly believe that John’s specially developed lifestyle eating plan helped Amanda to overcome serious injuries to have been able to complete her training for Comrades. We are very excited for what lies ahead for us, because we have learnt when coach John tells you any route is ‘fast and flat’ you just put your mind to it and run it as if it is ‘fast and flat’.

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