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  • Nutritionist & Fitness Specialist, professional coach and teacher.

  • Qualified Gym, Aerobics, Swimming instructor, Triathlon coach and military physical training instructor.

  • Certified in Sports Nutrition and Fitness, providing a sound base for holistic lifestyle-based training and coaching which has become his primary focus in preparing athletes.

  • Professional athlete winning “Jock of the Bushveld” besting the record with 7 minutes. Winning the East London based, Buffalo Marathon. Personal best marathon time of 2:18.

  • During the past three decades, John has been instrumental in coaching athletes whom have competed and earned in excess of 71 Comrades gold medals, 5 Winners and 1 Record Holder, earned several silver medals and progressed to completing personal best times in ultra-distance Marathons, Comrades Marathon & Trail Running Ultra Marathons.

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During the past three decades, John has been instrumental in coaching athletes whom have competed and earned 71 Comrades gold medals of which 5 were Winners and 1 Record holder, earned several silver medals and progressed to completing personal best times in ultra-distance marathons, whilst maintaining dominance in first and second places for overall team performance in the Comrades Marathon.


Being recognised as a Coach-of-Coaches is supported by the achievement of athletes being coached by his and their successes include amongst others:

Andrew Kelehe 2001.png


Andrew Kelehe won Comrades Marathon and breaks the Russian Stronghold



David Gatebe won the Comrades Marathon, breaking the longstanding Russian record (since 2007) by 4 minutes

Prodigal won UCTC 2017.jpg


Prodigal Kumalo won UCTC 100km over Table Mountain again breaking the record 9:51



Helena Joubert finishing position 7th.

David Gatebe won Two Oceans.jpg


David Gatebe won the Two Oceans



South African team represented by amongst others, Gift Kelehe, David Gatebe and Bongmusa Mtembu, won the 100km World Championships in Spain – Bongamusa finished second overall

Ann 16.JPG


Ann Ashworth won Comrades Marathon 2018, whilst Gordon Lesetedi got his first gold medal (6th position), David Gatebe (8th position) and Gift Kelehe (9th position) and Prodigal Kumalo (11th position)



Gordon Lesetedi finishing 4th in the fastest Comrades race in the history.

IMG_1163 (1).JPG


Gift Kelehe won the 90th Comrades Marathon, making history being the first of sibling brothers to won Comrades



Prodigal Kumalo won UCTC 100km over Table Mountain with a time of 11:07



Ann Ashworth got her second gold at 4th position, Gordon Lesetedi got his second gold medal (9th position) and Siya Mqambeli his first gold medal (10th position)



Gift Kelehe finishing 9th in the fastest Comrades race in the history.

In his roles as chairperson and coach of the HOT Running Club, as well as manager and coach of the PAN African Resources Elite Club, John is currently preparing the PAN African Resources Club Elite team for the highly esteemed Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons in 2024. His primary objective is to surpass the existing record while aiming for all team members to finish within the Top-10 and secure the coveted Overall Team Prize.

John's unwavering dedication lies in supporting and guiding the athletes under his tutelage. Through his comprehensive lifestyle coaching methods, he strives to provide them with a competitive edge and unwavering support. His focus is on unlocking and enhancing their potential, fostering a culture of performance excellence.

Additionally, John Hamlett, a renowned coach specializing in ultra-distance running, extends his expertise through online training programs. These programs cater to individuals interested in embarking on their first Half Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra Distance Marathon. John's coaching methodology encompasses a structured program that not only enhances running fitness levels but also minimizes the risk of injuries.


While specializing in coaching long-distance athletes, John is equally capable of assisting those who aspire to begin their running journey with 5km and 10km races.



If your goal is to become a winner or improve your performance in races like 10km, 21.1km, 42.2km, Comrades Marathon, or any other Ultra Marathons, you've come to the right place. Coach John provides high-quality one-on-one coaching to each athlete he works with.

Personal Goal Setting

In the initial interview, Coach John conducts a comprehensive personal training assessment, examining your running history and determining the most effective approach to assist you. Every coaching relationship begins with a thorough personal training review. By considering your running background, we establish the goals you want to achieve and determine the time required to reach them.

Personalized Training Program

As an individual athlete, you will receive a customized training program designed by Coach John. Recognizing that each athlete is unique, the program takes into account your schedule, goals, and athletic abilities.

Feedback and Support

Regular weekly feedback via WhatsApp is essential for ensuring that your training is appropriate and that you are coping well with the program. This feedback allows us to promptly assess and assist with any minor discomfort or injuries that may arise. Additionally, there will be a one-on-one feedback session once a month.

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